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Sarah TaylorLange


Sarah Taylor Lange is a research Master’s student in the Civil Engineering program at UCLA graduating June 2008. Her research interests include large scale component testing for seismic evaluation of existing reinforced concrete structures. She is also the TA for the undergraduate Structural design and testing lab (135L) and Structural dynamics laboratory (137L). Outside interests include taking classes with the urban planning and design and graduate art departments and running the LA and Long Beach marathons.


Project/ Research Abstracts


Seismic Rehabilitation – Benefits of Component Testing

FEMA 356 backbone relations tend to provide conservative estimates of the available strengths and deformation capacities
of reinforced concrete components, leading to costly seismic rehabilitation solutions for California hospitals. The
conservatism is driven by the lack of test data for older, typically poorly detailed, structural components. Although
FEMA 356 does provide for building specific component testing, this approach is not common due to cost concerns
and/or schedule constraints. An assortment of large-scale wall segments, columns, and beam-column-joint assemblies were
tested until substantial lateral strength degradation and loss of gravity load support was observed. Presented test results are
compared with FEMA 356 backbone relations to highlight the advantages associated with building-specific test programs. In
general, the test specimens revealed more strength and deformation capacity than assumed by FEMA 356, and more
gradual strength deterioration. The test results, when coupled with the FEMA 356 Nonlinear Static Procedure (NSP) and
Nonlinear Dynamic Procedure (NDP), enabled the development of more rational and substantially more economical rehabilitation solutions.




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