Professor John Wallace

Current Students


David Naish


David Naish is a PhD student in the structural engineering program at the University of California, Los Angeles. Research interests include large-scale seismic testing of reinforced concrete components and systems and its application to computer modeling.


Project/ Research Abstracts


Testing and Modeling of RC Link Beams

Common tall building construction consists of RC shear walls connected by diagonally reinforced coupling beams to provide an efficient system to resist earthquake demands.  Construction of link beams that satisfy the detailing requirements set forth in ACI 318-05 for diagonally reinforced link beams is difficult and costly; therefore, ACI 318-08 presents a new detailing option, which aims to improve the constructability while maintaining adequate strength and ductility.  The objectives of this test program are to determine if the new detailing requirements provide performance that is comparable to the old details, and to provide a practical approach to model the load versus deformation responses using common commercial structural analysis software. Eight half-scale specimens were tested with different geometries and reinforcement configurations.  Test results indicate that the new details provide equal, if not improved behavior as compared to the old detailing, and that relatively simple models accurately represent the test results.







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