Funding: NSF SGER: Field Testing of a Non-ductile Reinforced Concrete Building in Turkey PI; E. Taciroglu, Co-PI: J. Wallace, National Science Foundation, CMMI- 0755333; M. P. Singh, Program Director

This project brings together the technical expertise and advanced testing capabilities of a group of researchers from the USA and Turkey to provide unique data on behavior and performance of older reinforced concrete buildings. This type of construction comprises the majority of residential, public service (i.e., schools, hospitals), and commercial buildings in the industrial heartland of Turkey; and there are a significant number of similarly vulnerable buildings within more active seismic regions in the USA (e.g., California, Washington, Utah, South Carolina, etc).

In California, the vulnerable buildings are typically pre-1973 vintage. Therefore, the collaborative study will bring benefits to both countries. The project comprises the forced vibration and destructive testing of a full-scale building that exist in Turkey. Turkish partners will provide part of the testing equipment and the specimen structure; U.S. researchers will participate by providing technical expertise, personnel, and equipment for forced vibration testing. The project will leverage the technical resources nees@UCLA, Kandilli Observatory & Earthquake Research Institute (KOERI), and Bogazici University (BU).

Building in Turkey during retrofit

The team