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NEESR and Shared-Use Project Publications (partial)

NEESR-GC: Mitigation of Collapse Risk in Vulnerable Concrete Buildings, Principal Investigator: Moehle (Berkeley)

  • Star, LM, G Mylonakis, and JP Stewart (2012). "Simplified identification scheme for structures on a flexible base," Proc. 15th World Conf. on Earthquake Eng., Sept 24-28, 2012, Lisbon, Portugal. Paper No. 5232.

Performance Testing of Full-Scale Bridge Abutment
Principal Investigator: Jonathan P. Stewart (UCLA)

  • Lemnitzer, A, P Khalili-Tehrani, ER Ahlberg, C Rha, T Taciroglu, JW Wallace, and JP Stewart (2010). "Nonlinear efficiency factors for bored pile group under lateral loading," J. Geotech. & Geoenv. Engrg., 136 (12), 1673-1685.

  • Shamsabadi, A., Khalili-Tehrani, P., Stewart, J.P., and Taciroglu, E. (2010). "Validated simulation models for lateral response of bridge abutments with typical backfills," J. Bridge Engineering, ASCE, 15 (3), 302-311.

  • Lemnitzer, A., Ahlberg, E.R., Nigbor, R.L., Shamsabadi, A., Wallace, J.W., and Stewart, J.P. (2009). "Lateral performance of full-scale bridge abutment wall with granular backfill," J. Geotech. & Geoenv. Engrg., ASCE, 135 (4), 506-514.

Structural Health Monitoring of Tall and Important Buildings
Principal Investigator: John Wallace (UCLA)

  • Skolnik, D., Lukac, M., Naik, Vinayak S., Kaiser, W.J., Kohler, M., Govindan, R., et al.(2007). Developments on the CENS Structural Health Monitoring Front. UC Los Angeles: Center for Embedded Network Sensing. Retrieved from:

Evaluation of an ACROSS-Type Source for the San Andreas Fault
Principal Investigator: Paul Silver (Carnegie Institute of Washington)

  • F. Niu, P.G. Silver, R. Nigbor (2010), Time-lapse seismic imaging with an eccentric shaker, Bulletin of the Seismological Society of America, to be submitted, 2010.

  • F. Niu, P. G. Silver, R. Nigbor (2010), Toward using eccentric mass shakers for active seismic monitoring, SSA Annual Meeting, Portland, Oregon, USA, April 21-23, 2010.

  • Silver, P. G., F. Niu, R. Nigbor (2009), Assessing the role of fluids in episodic tremor and slip events using active seismic sources: results from a prototype experiment in Cascadia, AGU Fall meeting, San Francisco, California, USA. December 14-18, 2009.

  • Silver, P. G., F. Niu, B. Wang, and R. Nigbor, The feasibility of using an eccentric mass shaker for time-lapse seismic imaging, SSA Annual Meeting, Monterey, California, USA, April 8-10, 2009.

  • Fenglin Niu, Paul G. Silver, Thomas M. Daley, Xin Cheng & Ernest L. Majer. Preseismic velocity changes observed from active source monitoring at the Parkfield SAFOD drill site. Nature, Vol 454| 10 July 2008| doi:10.1038/nature07111

NEESR-II: A Seismic Study of Wind Turbines for Renewable Energy
Principal Investigator: Ahmed Elgamal (UCSD)

  • Prowell, I., Elgamal, A., Luco, J.E., and Conte, J.P., (2010 est). "In-situ Ambient Vibration Study of a 900-kW Wind Turbine." (under review for journal publication).

  • Prowell, I., Elgamal, A., Romanowitz, H., and Duggan, J.E. (2010). "Earthquake Response Modeling for a Parked and Operating Megawatt-Scale Wind Turbine." American Wind Energy Accosiation WINDPOWER Conference and Exposition, Houston, Texas, USA.

  • Prowell, I., Elgamal, A., Jonkman, J., and Uang, C.M. (2010). "Estimation of Seismic Load Demand for a Wind Turbine in the Time Domain." European Wind Energy Conference and Exhibition, Warsaw, Poland, 2010 Conference Paper, National Renewable Energy Laboratory, NREL/CP-500-47536, Golden, Colorado, USA.

  • Prowell, I., Elgamal, A., and Jonkman, J., (2010). "Seismic Response of a 5-MW Wind Turbine: The Shakeout Scenario." 9th US National and 10th Canadian Conference on Earthquake Engineering, Toronto, Canada.

  • Prowell, I., Elgamal, A., and, Lu, J. (2010). "Modeling The Influence of Soil Structure Interaction on the Seismic Response of a 5 MW Wind Turbine." 5th International Conference on Recent Advances in Geotechnical Earthquake Engineering and Soil Dynamics in Honor of Professor I.M. Idriss, San Diego, California, USA.

  • Prowell, I., Elgamal, A., Lu, J., and, Luco, J. E. (2009). "Modal properties of a modern wind turbine including SSI." 17th International Conference on Soil Mechanics & Geotechnical Engineering, Alexandria, Egypt.

  • Prowell, I., Elgamal, A., and Jonkman, J., (2009). "FAST Simulation of Seismic Wind Turbine Response." ANCER Workshop, Urbana, Illinois, USA.

  • Elgamal, A., Prowell, I., Conte, J., Luco, J.E., Uang, C.M., Duron, Z. (2009). "NEESR-II: A Seismic Study of Wind Turbines for Renewable Energy." NSF CMMI Research and Innovations Conference, Honolulu, Hawaii, USA.

  • Prowell, I., Veletsos, M., Elgamal, A., and Restrepo, J., (2008). "Shake Table Test of a 65 kW Wind Turbine and Computational Simulation.", Proceedings of the 14th World Conference on Earthquake Engineering, Beijing, China.

  • Prowell, Ian , Veletzos, Marc , Elgamal, Ahmed and Restrepo, José. "Experimental and Numerical Seismic Response of a 65 kW Wind Turbine", Journal of Earthquake Engineering, 13:8, 1172 – 1190, DOI: 10.1080/1363246090289832

  • Prowell, I., Veletsos, M., and Elgamal, A., (2008). "Full Scale Testing for Investigation of Wind Turbine Seismic Response. Proceedings of the 7th World Wind Energy Conference, Kingston, Ontario, Canada.

GOALI: Development of Seismic Design Methodology for Precast Building Diaphrams
Principal Investigator: Robert Fleischman (Arizona)

  • Robert B. Fleischman, Clay J. Naito, Jose Restrepo, Richard Sause, S. K. Ghosh. Seismic Design Methodology for Precast Concrete Diaphragms Part 1: Design Framework. PCI /2005/November-December/JL-05

Full Scale Cyclic Large Deflection Testing of Foundation Support Systems for Highway Bridges
Principal Investigator: Jonathan P. Stewart (UCLA)

  • Calibration of Abutment Backfill Models through Physical Testing. Caltrans and PEER Seismic Research Seminar. Collaborators: A. Lemnitzer, E. Ahlberg, P. Khalili-Tehrani, E. Taciroglu, J. Wallace. Caltrans: A. Shamsabadi, C. Whitten.

NEESR-II: Dynamic Passive Pressure on Full-Scale Pile Caps
Principal Investigator: Travis Gerber (BYU)

  • Heiner, L., Rollins, K.M., and Gerber T.M. (July 2008). Passive Force-Deflection Curves for Abutments with MSE Confined Approach Fills. Presented at the 6th National Conference on Bridegs and Highways. Paper No. 1B1-2:

  • Rollins, K.M., Heiner, L., and Gerber T.M. (May 2008). Static & Dynamic Passive Force-Deflection Behavior of Abutments with MSE Confined Approach Fills. Interim Report on Load Tests Performed for Work Task 6, Utah Dept of Transportation Research Division.

  • Kwon K-H, Gerber T.M, and Rollins, K.M. (May 2008). Increased Lateral Abutment Resistance from Gravel Backfills of Limited Width. Interim Report on Load Tests Performed for Work Task 3, Utah Dept of Transportation Research Division.

Field Vibration Testing and Analytical Studies of a Four-Story RC Building
Principal Investigator: John Wallace (UCLA)

  • Yu, E., Skolnik, D., Whang, D.H., and Wallace, J.W. (May 2007) "Forced-Vibration Testing of a Four Story RC Buildings Utilizing the NEES@UCLA Mobile Field Laboratory," Earthquake Spectra, accepted for publication.

  • Tjhin, T., Aschheim, M.A., Wallace, J. W. (2007). "Yield Displacement-Based Design of RC Wall Buildings," Engineering Structures, Vol. 29 Elsevier.

  • Skolnik, D., Wallace, J., Whang, D., Yu, E., "Forced Vibration Testing of a Four Story RC Building Utilizing the nees@UCLA Mobile Field Laboratory," 8th US National Conference on Earthquake Engineering, San Francisco, April 2006, Paper 1566.

Monitoring the New Carquinez Bridge
Principal Investigator: Joel Conte (UCSD)

  • Conte, J.P., He, X., Moaveni, B., Masri, S.F., Caffrey, J.P., Wahbeh, M., Tasbihgoo, F., Whang, D.H., and Elgamal, A. (2008). "Dynamic Testing of Alfred Zampa Memorial Bridge." Journal of Structural Engineering, ASCE, Vol. 134, Issue 6, 871-1066.

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