High Performance Mobile Network

The High Performance Mobile Network provides real-time connectivity between the UCLA Equipment Site and other NEES researchers. It is composed of two distinct local area networks (LANs), the Campus-LAN and the Field-LAN. The Campus-LAN contains servers and network infrastructure to enable Gb/s connectivity to NEES. The Field-LAN contains data acquisition and telepresence servers to enable remote data and video collection from a nearby wireless network located in the test structure.

Mobile Command Center

The Mobile Command Center (MCC) receives and locally stores data streams from an experiment, and also serves as the staging point for mobile broadband transmission of data to enable teleparticipation of remote researchers. On-site researchers can view data and video streams in near real-time in the MCC. On-board facilities include a desk, whiteboard, corkboard, air conditioning and internet access. The equipment rack houses servers and networking equipment.

Wireless Network

Enterasys RoamAbout wireless ethernet adapters are housed inside a portable battery box that not only powers the adapter, but the Q330 as well. The Q330 connects to the wireless adapters via the QNET cable. Each of the wireless adapters then connect to access points that are placed throughout the site. Each access point has two radio cards, one to communicate with the Q330s in their vicinity and one to communicate with other access points, essentially creating a wireless backbone. This allows for creating a true wireless network easily deployed in almost any environment.