Joint NEES@UCSB/NEES@UCLA Site Training

A Field Training Workshop was held on May 19, 2006 following the COSMOS Workshop for Site Selection, Installation and Operation of Geotechnical Strong-Motion Arrays in San Diego. About 20 participants, a combination of students, researchers, and practitioners, visited the Wildlife Liquefaction Array near El Centro on Thursday and the Borrego Valley and Garner Valley arrays on Friday. On Friday morning there was a breakfast briefing about both NEES@UCLA and NEES@UCSB facilities at the hotel in Borrego Springs.

Participants were able to see the three permanent array sites, including technical details on the installation and instrumentation. At the Garner Valley site, the NEES@UCLA team had set out a temporary ground motion monitoring array connected to their MCC truck. Research-related data were obtained during forced vibration testing of the SFSI test structure.

Presentation shown during training