NEES/IRIS/USGS Garner Valley Project

Project Synopsis: A pilot field experiment was performed to demonstrate the value of combining resources from multiple earthquake science and engineering facilities. Our initial intent was to employ a mobile shaker truck from a Network for Earthquake Engineering System (NEES) facility with US Geological Survey (USGS) and Incorporated Research Institutions for Seismology (IRIS) seismographic instrumentation in a single study. The final experiment grew into four studies with additional participation from the Los Alamos National Lab and other NSF-sponsored consortia; the MAEC, SCEC, CENS, and HPWREN. The field experiment piggybacked on an earlier planned inaugural demonstration of NEES facilities, held at the NEES Garner Valley Digital Array (GVDA) site in southern California. Ground motions generated by the 'TRex' shaker truck at the GVDA and surrounding Garner Valley were recorded during August 18-22, 2004 to evaluate nonlinear sediment response and study basin effects.

UT-Austin's T-Rex

Data concetration point with Q330s deployed wirelessly

UCLA's MCC with satellite deployed

Prof. John Wallace along with the Future Black Leaders of America