Data Acquisition

The data acquisition system consists of these main components:

  • Software package, Rockhound, operating on PCs and field processors called Slates
  • Multiple 6-channel, true 24-bit Quanterra Q330 data loggers with wireless transmission capabilities
  • Three stand-alone National Instruments data acquisition systems

Rockhound Data Acquisition Software

Rockhound is designed to acquire real time data streams from one or more digitizers and perform vital functions on the data that are critical to the end user. The modules within Rockhound may be connected in many useful and different ways. Written in Java, the software can be run on a variety of platforms, including Microsoft's Windows Operating Systems, Sun MicroSystems' Solaris Operating System, and the Linux Operating System.

Quanterra Q330 Data Loggers

The Q330 is a state-of-the-art, low power, true 24-bit A/D data logger that utilizes Quanterra's advanced broadband technology. The 6-channel Q330s include a DSP/RAM module containing 8 MB, GPS receiver, power conversion, sensor control and a telemetry management module. The Q330s support real-time telemetry to a central site or connection via hard-wire. The dynamic range is approximately 135 dB RMS S/N, with time stamp accuracy of < 0.1 ms.

National Instruments Data Acquisition System

Three stand alone 32-channel National Instruments PXI-SCXI data acquisition systems are available through the nees@UCLA Site. Each of the National Instruments systems comes rack-mounted and is equipped with a GPS receiver, high resolution counter-timer board, uninterruptible power supply (UPS), 120 Gb hard drive and fold-up monitor. The GPS receiver and counter-timer board enable GPS synchronization of data, thereby enable data compatibility with the Kinemetrics data acquisition equipment. A customized Virtual Instrument (VI) was developed for this specific application using Labview.