Cone Penetration Testing

Cone Penetration Testing includes the following:

  • CPT truck
  • Retrievable Subsurface Accelerometers (RSAs)

Cone Penetration Testing (CPT) Truck

The nees@UCLA equipment portfolio includes a Hogentogler cone penetration testing truck, equipped with a seismic-piezocone to characterize soil consistency, pore water pressure and shear wave velocities. The rig has a 20-ton hydraulic push capacity. The rig weight is approximately 6 tons, and side augers provide additional reaction forces. The rig is equipped with 30m of rod length. A fully automatic 5-channel ESFCS data acquisition system records measurements of cone tip resistance, sleeve friction, probe inclination, pore water pressure and shear wave velocities.

Retrievable Subsurface Accelerometers (RSAs)

The nees@UCLA site has developed Retrievable Subsurface Accelerometers (RSA) to measure below-ground vibrations. The RSA can be rapidly installed using the CPT truck and subsequently retrieved using structural cables and a winch. This eliminates the need for conventional borehole drilling and grouting. The RSAs are compatible with the Q330 data loggers thereby enabling time synchronization across the full sensor array.

RSA Technical Specifications

Model Silicon Designs 1221J MEMS
Type Capacitive
Frequency 0 to 200Hz
Full Scale ±2 g
Noise 2 µg/root Hz