Forced Vibration Tests of the Foundation and Surrounding Soil at the NEES Large High-Performance Shake Table

Principal Investigators: Enrique Luco and Joel P. Conte

Sponsors: National Science Foundation

Project Synopsis: Extensive forced vibration tests of the reinforced concrete foundation block and of the soils in the vicinity of the nees@UCSD Large High-Performance Shake Table at Camp Elliot, were performed using the nees@UCLA equipment. In the initial tests, the nees@UCLA eccentric mass shakers were placed at the bottom of the excavations for the foundation block of the shake table and adjacent equipment building. Measurements of the dynamic response at dense arrays on the cavities ford the foundations, on the adjacent soil pit and on the ground surface up to distances of 200 meters were taken. Once the reinforced concrete foundation block was completed, additional forced vibration tests were conducted.

Phase I: Both MK-15 shakers in the pit

Phase II: MK-15 shaker on foundation block

Phase I: Q330 data loggers and Episensors

Phase II: Mobile Command Center with wireless sensor array